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Frequently asked


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How long have you been in business?

I started photographing weddings in 2014. And have photographed over 50 weddings this far. If you wish to know the full story you can check out the About page.

How much do you charge?

You can find my packages guide on my Prices page. But if you are confused by all the choices, please send me a quick message.

Can you split the payment?

Yes, I totally get the money flow issues, especially before the wedding. I can offer you to split all payments into reasonable parts. As long as everything is paid before the image delivery, we can find a solution.

Do you work outside of Drammen?

No matter if its Norway, Denmark, Sweden or Island, until there is train or airplanes going there, I can be your photographer. If you wish to know approximate prices, please send me an email with where are you getting married, and how many hours you wish for me to cover.

Do I need to meet you in person before the wedding?

I don't know? Every couple is different. Every communication is different. If you wish to book me for your wedding and you feel unsure, it might be better to meet. But with most couples, I have a zoom call.


What if you are sick or unavailable to work?

I always have a "what if" plan. I have some close photographer friends whose work is in a similar style to mine, that can jump in if I am completely unavailable to work. No matter you will have the best photographer possible.


How many images we can expect?

There are so many factors that can bump up or down the number of images you will receive. Like the number of hours or the number of guests, how detail-heavy will your wedding be?! I can promise about 50 awesome images per hour. After a full day wedding (12h) you will receive about 500-600 full-resolution images.

Can you do some extra editing on our images?

As you probably already know, all images by professionals go true editing process, where we color grade, sharpen, add contrast, and many other things to make your images pop. Small reattaching like taking off some pimples or smoothening of skin will be part of my editing, but any extra retouching that requires me to make things disappear or look smaller or bigger will be charged as custom hourly work.

How fast can we expect our images to be delivered?

Normally within 3-5 weeks. But right after the wedding, I will send about 5-10 images for you and your family to enjoy.

Do you photograph LGBTQ+ weddings?

I have been a big advocate for all people's writes before I even become a photographer. It would be a true honor to be your photographer no matter your nationality, religion, sex, or if you are a cat or dog person.

Why we should choose you as our photographer?

I can give you so many reasons why you should have me as your photographer. But here are some top reason why

- You will receive amazing photographs 

- I provide excellent customer service

- I will look appropriate and smell nice at your wedding

- I have the experience

- My pricing is simple and predictable

- I use the best camera equipment available

- I pay my taxes

- I am serious about the long term and short term safety of your photographs

- I understand the value of family and friends at your wedding

- I truly want you to be happy with your photographs.

Do you have a wish list regarding weddings?

I want to make wedding images on mountain tops, travel to Lofoten islands, and be on Islands with black beaches. Non-traditional wedding dresses or midnight ceremonies -they are all "Yes, please" in my book.

*Only 4 spots available for 2021, and 12 spots available for 2022

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