my style

What is your style?

It's an important question to ask, but not so easy to answer. Popular words like “photojournalistic”, “modern” or “rustic” mean different things to different photographers.


My style is a good combination of many styles. I am not completely hands-off photojournalist, I also will not make you pose and smile to the camera all day. I am an observer and moment-cacher, but when needed - direction giver. And from my experience, you and most importantly - you men will feel free and confident at our little photo-journey.


How would you describe your editing style?

You probably know that files don't just come out looking all gorgeous straight from the camera. That's when we, photographers use our vision and editing skills to make the pictures as beautiful and unique as they are. Plus for weddings, I need my pictures to be timeless, so when your children or grandchildren pick up your wedding album, they don't cringe at the dated styles. 

Maybe you remember when it was popular to have oversaturated popping colors, or composites of couples on the sky, or white vignettes, or sepias? Well..They all were just trends - very popular then, but so outdated now. 


Over my career, I have explored different editing styles, and they all have left a mark on my work today. My photos are a bit rustic, bit filmlike, still modern, with an extra punch of color. 


-My photography style is inspired by emotions, interaction and natural moments

-I am there to capture the relationship between couples, their families and their friends.

-I am editing with a touch of bronze but holding on to deliver timeless looks. 


But most importantly - I want you to see the natural beauty in my pictures.

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Hokksund, Norway

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