best images of you

Do you own a photograph of you that you actually love?

Have you dreamed of a magical experience where you would look and feel like a cover girl?

Then you're in the right place!

I have been photographing for well over 5 years now and it took me a minute to realize that I can make anyone feel beautiful and comfortable in front of my camera. This is my secret superpower!

So If I can dare you to trust in me and call me up or email me - 

I can promise you will feel and look like a goddess and go home with the best images of YOU you have ever had!

The Session


The session fee includes a detailed consultation to design your photoshoot.

I will couch you on wardrobe and how to prepare. Our professional makeup&hair artist will make you into the goddess that you are. 

 I will guide you true photo session with few wardrobe and style changes, that take approximately 3 hours. I will assist you on all the posing to create images that you will love.

In 4 weeks' time, we will meet again for an in-person viewing appointment of the finished products. You will buy only what you love.

The session fee does not include any images (digital or printed), these are purchased separately. 

Session fee 1700 Kr


You buy only what you love. Price per 1 printed image  - 750 Kr

Every purchased print comes with a full-resolution digital image.

Wooden display box is only added on as a gift for purchases 6 prints and up.


6 prints in a wooden display box

8 000 kr

(inkl. mva)


12 prints in a wooden display box

15 000 kr

(inkl. mva)


20 prints in a wooden display box

24 000 kr

(inkl. mva)

Every image is professionally edited and printed on a high-quality art paper. Designed to last you for decades. 

Walnut Display Box is perfect for displaying and storing your selected images. 

Made out of real hardwood with brass frame. 

12,5 x 18 cm


I love the idea of having images printed. It's like books. The smell of the ink and the texture of the paper. You can touch it, you can smell it and you can see it. 

It brings the experience you where looking for.

21x30 - 450 Kr

30x40 - 750 Kr

40x50 - 1100 Kr

50x70 - 1500 Kr

61x91 - 2000 Kr

⋆ digital files for selected images included.

Your selected images will be professionally retouched, printed on high-quality paper and mounted in a beautiful custom frame.

+47 92 50 7777

Hokksund, Norway

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