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Bryllup i Moss - Hotell Refsnes Gods

Hanne & Gunnar

If you want an aristocratic-looking venue, close to the water and in close perimetry to Oslo - Refsnes Gods is the place. On the outskirts of Moss, overlooking Oslo Fjord - stands tall one of the oldest hotels in Norway. Let's ignore the part that is an architectural pearl, and it's filled with unique art. What I care most about is how multifunctional it is as a wedding venue, and how much variety I get for my couples.

And it didn't disappoint.

Even if it was a fully booked hotel, we didn't notice the other guests during the whole wedding day.

We had the whole garden mostly for Hannes&Gunnars wedding party, and we were allowed to be as loud and happy as we wished.

10-hour photo coverage all on one location on edge of Moss - Refsnes Gods. I do appreciate when there is no added driving time during wedding days. The weather was perfect and the location was full of surprises.

Venue and ceremony location - Hotell Refsnes Gods

Muah @stinemsj

Wedding dress designer and shop - Luna Novias, Brudekjolen AS

Suit designer and shop - Ferner Jacobsen

Florist - Blomstergarasjen @b_garasjen

When I am booked for over 8 hours, I start by saying hi to the wedding party and gather all the small miscellaneous things I can gather. Shoes, invitations, hairpins, rings, perfume, etc. While I am doing this for 5-10 min, I get to feel the mood, and the bride gets used to me in the room. It's the perfect icebreaker.

I get some establishing shots and go to find the groom and his wedding party.

Boys are done, let's head back to girls.

And the dad arrived to pick up his beautiful girl, which was a magical moment on its own.

Time for the ceremony in the outside garden 🤍

After all the hugging, crying, and more hugging, it was time to gather everyone for the group photo.

Refsnes Gods have a huge garden that's perfect for that harsh afternoon light. And for family portraits, I love green, constant, less busy backgrounds. I want all the focus on the faces and expressions. Not on what's going on behind the people.

Qwuik trip with the bridal party to the nearby beach - Tronvikstranda which has a pear, sandy beach, and an alley of old trees with rope swings. It's a paradise for a photographer.

Back to Hotell Refsnes Gods

Hanne & Gunnar had an amazing idea of doing a picture with each of the tables. It's much faster and people are much more willing to corporate, as well as this was so fun for everyone.

Ok, listen up - if there is one tip for a wedding day, it's to split your portraits into multiple smaller sets.

15-30 min each but 3-4 times a day.

  1. you dont get tired of portraits

  2. you dont feel like you're missing the party

  3. You have a much bigger variation in light and emotion, and locations.

so we are heading to the beach for literary 10 min to catch the sunset, and look what we met!

Time to partyyyyyyyyy 🎉

With this note, I am leaving Hanne & Gunnar to enjoy the rest of the evening.