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Glam the Dress - revival for your wedding gown

This is a perfect example for someone's custom wishes coming true.

She, unfortunately, didtnt had pictures from her wedding where it's just her in her dream dress so she took control in her own hands and called me.

Now she has the most beautiful images that really represent the significance of THE dress is girls life.

I guess it's not just me dreaming of how perfect my one and only wedding dress will be. When my perfect man proposed, the first thing I looked up for was wedding dresses.

You research and you scout the stores and you find it!

You try it and you know it is THE Dress. And then you can't wait to actually wear it, to see the reaction of your families, your partner.

And then it's taken off for forever. But it doesn't has to be that way. That dress can still be worn by you. Even if it's just for a photo shoot.

If you also wish to treat yourself then feel free to contact me and I will help you organize the rest.

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