Should you hire your family or friends?

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

This is the most heard reason why people don't have a dedicated photographer, DJ, or makeup artist for the wedding. It's also the nr.1 reason why newlyweds are left with really bad or no wedding images at all. Yea, you can save some money here, because your friend is so talented, but is he/she dedicated, has the experience, and can you 100% trust his judgment on what would be best for you?

Oh, your friend has such a cool Instagram, he/she will be awesome at this. Have he/she ever been photographing weddings? If yes - ask to see those wedding galleries, and ask yourself if you are ok with that quality and the style? If yes - go ahead and book him/her for this event.

But if you doubt that's a smart idea, listen to your gut.

You spent your hard-earned money on the food and decor, and wedding cake. Your makeup will be flawless and the dress of your dreams will make a debut. Are you prepared to have no good images of all of that?


I have been to over 50 different weddings. I also have learned how to work in different lighting situations and in a limited time. I am changing my camera settings constantly during the day, just to have your images correctly exposed and sharp. It's a skill that takes practice to be able to react quickly. Weddings are not the place to test your skills. It's demanding and you have to be sharp and quick.