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Mammy makeover (30 + and beautiful)

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

This is Madara. Mum to 2 very active boys, a wife, and a Barnehage pedagog (she works at a kindergarten). And she never wears makeup. Like ever.

When she came in she was nervous, and a bit shy but as more and more we pampered her as she gained confidence. Confidence even she didn't know she had.

We ended up changing a few different outfits and also played with both the natural and studio lights.

She needed it, she deserved it and she rocked it.

∼ behind the scenes ∼

Would you like to go true a transforming experience that will boost your confidence as well as create legacy images? Or maybe you would like to gift it to someone you love?

I believe there is no greater gift than a pampering session to your mum, wife or grandma or all 3 of them.

We all wish to be appreciated, loved, and feel like million bucks.

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