3-day journey around Hardangervidda Nationalpark + Oslo

We had our first 3 day trip with baby Signe (1.5-year-old). almost 800 km in 3 days was no joke, but we did it.

Our journey started from Drammen - this is the view from my home.

First stop - Heddal Stave Church, Notodden

Next stop - Rjukan and Gaustatoppen


We didn't actually climb any mountains - but it didn't take away from the trip as most places are still accessible by car or lifts.

Then we just continued on road E134 to our hotel very near Langfossen.

Day 2 started with Låtefossen but no time to waste - we still have a long road ahead and a sleepy baby.

One hour drive and we arrived at Vøringfossen.

We eat the best reindeer stew in Fosli and were on our way. No time to waste.

Day 3 started in Cobalt mines (Koboltgruvene)

Can you imagine right in the middle of nowhere in forest herd of with cows?


Oslo - here we come

The Vigeland Park

My favorite place in Oslo - Tjuvholmen

The best place to see all of Oslo is Ekeberg. And you can make all the panoramas you desire.


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