Concrete Wall

Photo Studio for Rent in Drammen


Need a place to welcome your clients and work on your photography? 


Welcome to my 15 m2 photo studio only 500m from Brakerøya Stasjon and CC Drammen, 15 min walk from Drammen cenrum, and just beside E18. A location has multiple parking spaces free of charge. Plus a spacious private corridor.


The studio has a total of 5 windows letting in light from 2 different directions. All of them have light defusing and blackout curtains. Windows also have controllable outdoor Venetian Blinds that can be used for a special light effect or to make it completely dark.

The studio has 2,9 m ceilings if you wish to have the lights more up above the client. Comes also with multiple backgrounds to change up the look. 


You get access to 2 different background papers, a black wall, and props like pozing boxes, a barstool, a makeup chair, an old ladder, a golden vintage-looking sofa, and a vintage chair. Bluetooth speaker to set the atmosphere. You also can use a 120 cm softbox with your own flashes or lights or rent studio lights from me. The whole studio is built with natural light photographers in mind, but it's very easy to convert it to work with the studio lights. There is access to the bathroom. And the whole studio has a 10m2 private corridor if you need an additional space to store some props during your session day.

1 900 Kr / 6t

1400 Kr / 4t

750 Kr / 2t


Photo gear available for rent


Sony a7iii with 28-75 F2.8 or 85mm F1.8 - 650kr/session

Sony with both 28-75 F2.8 and 85mm F1.8  - 750kr/session

Lense Tamron 28-75 F2.8 E-mount - 250 kr/session

Lense Sigma 85mm F1.8 - 250 kr/session

Fast Pro SD Card - 50kr/session

Godox AD200 + V860ii plus trigger for Sony- 300 kr/day

Assistant 220 kr/h

Mentoring and education from Inese 450kr/h

Hair & Makeup stylist 1800/Kr person

In case the background paper is damaged beyond regular wear, it's 250kr/m. In case any gear like a camera, stands, or interior is damaged, you have to cover 100% of the cost to fix it, or replace it. 

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