Timeline tips

Getting ready


This is when I most often meet the couple on the wedding day. I will usually start with your wedding day details - your engagement ring and wedding bands, your wedding dress and shoes and anything else that is small and personal to you. I will try to do this as quickly as possible so I can start documenting your actual getting-ready process. 

And you might ask me, what should you be doing? I say - having fun. You don't need to think about photography and posing, that is my job. And don't worry, I won't be putting you in unnatural scenarios and make you heavily pose. I wish, when you look back at your wedding photos, you can see the real moment, not staged ones.

If you two are getting ready separately and you both want you're getting the ready process to be documented, you need to give room in the timeline for me to be able to drive back and forth and not miss special moments like putting on the wail, ore when your father first sees you. 

As for actual time, It would be great that this part would take up to 60-90 minutes of your timeline. As for actual dressing up, it can take from 10 min to half an hour. Add a bit more time onto that for anything last minute. 

If your bridal party will be helping you, let's get them dressed first! 15-30 min before you want to put your dress on. And if you have videographers plan an extra time for them too.

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