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Portrett-portrettfotograf-oslo-akerhus i

No location is too far,

I would travel the whole world for my couples



International education society London
Hi, I'm Inese

I am a certified photographer based in Drammen, serving all of Norway and beyond.

I have forever had a love-hate relationship with a camera. The moment I am in front of it, I feel like I have forgotten how to act human. Of course, because of that, there are very few images I loved of myself. But I was really good at telling others what to do. So I stayed there - behind the camera. It slowly grew from a hobby to a passion, into a career. 

And true education and a lot of practice, I learned that everyone can look beautiful in photos, even me. It just took an experienced photographer to get there.

Now every day I help people overcome their insecurities. But I can't get there without mutual trust. It's a collaboration where we together create your story. 

Hedda & Håkon

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Inese is super sweet and a professional. We had an amazing experience with her. She brought out our natural selves and we are super happy with the result. Recommended



Age - 33

Zodiac sign - ♎︎

Nationality - Latvian

Current location - Drammen, Norway

Family status - married and a mum to a 5-year-old mini-me

Favorite music - Sia, Aurora, Billie Eilish

Beverage of choice - Caffe Latte or a beer (depending on the occasion)

Shortly about me - I listen a lot to podcasts🎧. I am a house plant🌵 enthusiast and I have a cat🐈. I have lived in Norway🇳🇴 for over 8 years. I speak 4 languages👅. My eyes👁️ are 2 different colors and I love hiking🥾. I have a tattoo of a wedding bucket 💐 and have been with my husband for 15 years💑. I photographed my first wedding💒 back in 2014 and decided the next day that this will be my job one day and now I have photographed over 60 weddings 

QUESTION: I don't know how to pose & I get really stiff in front of the camera. How would you work with someone like me?
Go easy on yourself. Most people get to be photographed just a few times a year. So it's natural to overthink it. It's actually realy easy for me to get those natural and genuine pictures. And it will feel easy for you too. So please, don't even worry one bit about poses or angles. I will take care of you 


  Instagram is my playground. Latest photography adventures, beautiful transformations, unique weddings, and everything in-between.  Come, say hi, and let's be IG friends. Remember to send me a DM if you ever want any advice or a second opinion. I am here to help.

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