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You’re in need of jaw-dropping wedding photos but you can’t find the "right" photographer. You know… the one who just gets it and is easy to talk to.

You don’t want basic, cheesy, badly-edited, super-posey kinda wedding day pictures. You want creative, gorgeous but still real images that reflect the love you two have for each other.


You may be thinking, “Sure, these couples on your website look amazing, but can we realy match that?” (Cause honestly, you’re nervous to trust someone with something this big, but you know it’s gotta be done. So you just want it to be done right.)  


You just want to relax and have fun so the photographer can capture your true personalities and not the typical “posed” photos. I mean, you love the posed images … but that’s just not you.

You need someone who can capture “the moment,” without it having to feel fake. You want the day to involve a ton of laughter, and a relaxed, adventurous atmosphere. Just so your entire day is "remembered" in photos & you can slow down and just enjoy it.


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You need a photographer
who will create an

Someone who...

will guide you without it getting awkward, allowing you to play around and have fun

will make sure you still look like you

will listen to you and your suggestions, because you know each other best

will help you hide the things you feel insecure about without making a big deal about it

will make images your gonna treasure for the rest of your life

Let me introduce myself. 
Hello, I'm Inese

I am a certified photographer based in Drammen, serving all of Norway and beyond.

I believe everyone can look beautiful in photos. Every day I help people overcome their worries about not looking good enough by guiding them through photo sessions and weddings.

But the moment you start trusting me is when you will start to shine. Remember, it is not the camera that takes the photographs. The photos you're left with, are the reflection of what the photographer sees. So make sure you choose a photographer you can trust to see the beauty in you. Let's talk to find out if I'm a good match for you.

Portrett-portrettfotograf-oslo-akerhus i
QUESTION: I don't know how to pose & I get realy stiff in front of the camera. How would you work with someone like me?
Go easy on yourself. Most people get to be photographed only a few times a year. So it's natural to overthink or stress about it. This is where I feel my experience is realy handy. First I try to make you relaxed so I can see the flattering angles and see what guidance you are comfortable with. I ask you to focus on each other & give you easy tasks.  
That is how I get those natural and genuine pictures. Trust me! I have worked with all different shapes and sizes, and all the couples you see on my page had no idea how to pose. I guided them until I  found what worked for them and theyr personalities. 

Hedda & Håkon


Inese is super sweet and a professional. We had an amazing experience with her. She broth out our natural selves and we are super happy with the result. Recommended

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*Only 4 spots available for 2021, and 12 spots available for 2022

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