Hi and Welcome

My name is Inese. I am a  certified photographer based in Hokksund, Norway.


I am a problem solver, a pacemaker, and if necessary a warrior.


I'm a teacher and a learner, but most importantly I am a creator!

And I am really good at what I do.


 I was always fascinated with the mechanics of picture-making. You roll, press a button and you captured a memory.

But how did I ended up in wedding photography?

In 2014. my friends got married, and I somehow ended up documenting their big day?! They had a photographer but just for the ceremony and some portraits. After that, it was just us - the friends snapping away. 

After that, I was hooked and all I wanted is to know more. So I did. I started studying at Professional Photo School in Riga. Two years later I finished with a degree in photography. I felt like I can conquer the world and I worked hard but still felt that I needed more knowledge. So I found The Wedding School - online education platform for wedding photographers. This is when I finally had a confidence that I have all the necessary skills to deliver quality to my clients. And so I did. I had magical Scandinavian mountain lodge weddings, and musical Persian weddings, and everything in between. 

But I can't stop learning, so in autumn of 2019 again I felt the need for more education so I am currently a proud student of Sue Bryce. 

So welcome to 2020.

This is already my most promising year yet. I have set my goals even higher. I am studying in 2 different photography schools. I am going internationally.  And I have never been so proud to call my self a photographer. 

Why me?

If you got to this far, you probably already are considering hiring me and just need final confirmation, that I am the one.  I would describe myself in these words.


I take my job very seriously. When you hire me, you can be sure I will be at your wedding, in time, energized and ready to give my best.


I take photo-education very seriously. When I accidentally photographed my first wedding, I was sure I needed real proper education to do it.  So I enrolled in Profesional Photo School in Riga. After 2 years of that, I was skilled regarding photo-education but as fancy that school was, it laced wedding-related education, so a year later I joined the Wedding school - a school for wedding photographers. So this is why I am so much better than your uncle with a camera, or your friend that just started photo courses.



This is where my brain says - don't be so full of yourself. But at a certain point in every career, the skill overpowers the talent - right? But when I look back at my first paid wedding client - its talent there. I still share does image on my social media. So I must be talented - write?


Love the craft

I love my job! I know every photographer says that, but it's true. This job brings me the fulfillment that nonother ever could. I am creating a legacy for my client, and I love to be a part of it.

I enjoy working with people. Yes, there is a lot of time behind computer editing, answering emails and doing the other business stuff that all entrepreneurs do. When I am out and working, I know I will make someone feel better about themselves, I will bring joy and make their memories touchable.

And of course the experience - the rollercoaster of it all. I get myself so pumped up about the upcoming wedding. I love to hear their plans, their worries, their choices of decore or ideas about lighting. Weddings are the best. Yes, it's a physical job, with heavy gear and bags and light stands, and you have to be on your feet all day long. But its all worth it.



I will be there to observe and capture your wedding in the most respectful way. Respect is not just being polite to your guests and family, no matter the circumstances. It's also about wearing appropriate attire.



Things don't always go as planned. In those moments some people might have different priorities than our own. I dose moments I strive to project patience and calm, so as to keep the mood positive for other people around me.


I am easy to be around and to open up to. I call it my Libra gene. I don't judge and I'm never rude. And when I am behind the camera I feel very comfortable. And if you decide to meet me, I will be more than happy to meet you.

If you chose me to be your wedding photographer, I can guarantee:

- Show up excited and early

- Make you and your fiance the center of my universe

- Always act in your best interests

- Be respectful to your friends and family

- Provide an excellent value for your investment

- Create for your images that will make you happy and amused

- Capture the small moments and details that will help to tell your story

- Create images that will evoke feelings of love and togetherness

Simply said, you will love what I will do for you!




So here I am and here are you.

You are searching for

a photographer and you found me. 

Are we a match?

Lets found out. 

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Hokksund, Norway

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