elopement in Hardangerfjord,Elopement in Norway

Elopement in Hardangerfjord, Norway

Norway has become one of the top destinations for elopements in the world. Some chose it for the scenic roads, magnificent waterfalls, or green fjords, but for me, this would be the top destination because of the untouched nature and the chance to still find locations rarely visited by tourists. If you’re looking for an adventure elopement location – Norway is the perfect destination.

elopement in Hardangerfjord,Elopement in Norway

Allie & Eddie traveled all the way from the US to elope in Norway. They had been engaged for several years and, since they had planned to get married that year, they wanted to surprise everyone with wedding photos from the best destination ever – Norway.

Planning Elopement in Hardangerfjord, Norway

For us, elopement photographers everything starts with lots of research & planning. I was lucky my couple gave me lots of freedom to find the most epic locations. I know they were staying in Odda the night before exploring the famous Troltunga. So it was obvious it had to be in the Hardangerfjord area. Sidenote, they were flying out of Bergen the next morning, so we also had to end the day so they could still manage to get to Bergen.

elopement in Hardangerfjord,Elopement in Norway

Here are some of the amazing locations I found while researching for an elopement in the Hardanger area.

Most are easily reachable by car or are within walking distance so that you can explore as much as possible while visiting Hardangerfjord.

Norway is famous for all the fjords and untouched nature. And in the last 10+ years of me living in Norway, It’s hard to find a route I haven’t visited before. But I made 3 different routes depending on what they wanted to see and how much they would be willing to climb.

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We started our journey with Vøringfossen Waterfall, made a stop in Eidfjord, found a sandy beach at the beginning of Hardangerfjord, and ended our day with a picnic overlooking Hardanger at Kjeåsen.

Let’s start the journey

First stop – Vøringfossen Waterfall

Vøringfossen is not the biggest or the highest, but it is definitely the most famous waterfall we have here in Norway. Pictures just can’t give justice to how grand this location is and how small it will make you feel. I would advise this as the end-of-the-day location, just because of how light and shadows play in the valley and with the falling waterfall. But since my couple wanted to end the day as close to Bergen as possible, this is where our journey started.

Portraits at Eidfjord

We continued our trip on the road nr.7 towards Eidfjord but just as we approached the lake, I saw the most perfect background and asked if Allie & Eddie would love to step into the supercold waters of Eidfjord Lake.

elopement in Hardangerfjord,Elopement in Norway

elopement in Hardangerfjord,Elopement in Norway

Magical Elopement portraits at Hardangerfjord

Our next scheduled stop was Kjeåsen but on the way, we found this charming totally unpopulated beach. I had hoped to stop at a beach anyway, but this was a total treat since it is a bit off regular tourist routes, so all just for ourselves.

elopement in Hardangerfjord,Elopement in Norway

elopement in Hardangerfjord,Elopement in Norway

Mountain Elopment pickninc on Kjeåsen

Our last stop – Kjeåsen. A mountain meadow viewpoint, accessible by car, overlooking Hardangerfjord. It is really remote. You won’t find it on any tourist brochures, and definitely not on any lists of top destinations for elopements in Norway. But it is on my top list.

It has a tunnel, that has a timetable for traveling up & down the Kjeåsen mountain. We did have an extra 20 min to wait for our torn, so we just went to explore the surrounding area before heading up the tunnel.

elopement in Hardangerfjord,Elopement in Norway

I did some shopping beforehand to set up this beautiful picnic for them. Yes, this is something and will be happy to also do for you. Just send me some inspirational images, and I will try my best to make it happan.

elopement in Hardangerfjord,Elopement in Norway

In total, we spent together 6 hours and drove only about 30 km (18 miles). And even if we did manage to see a lot, I wish we would have started earlier. It was rainy or cloudy almost all of the day. The weather is kinda unpredictable here on the west coast. It can rain, be hot, and snow in just one hour. But I like to think that the warm weather only made it extra special for Allie & Eddie.

Eloping in Norway

So if you are considering eloping in Norway or having a styled photoshoot like Allie & Eddie, just drop me a message, and we can have a chat about possibilities.

elopement in Hardangerfjord,Elopement in Norway

Who’s the elopement photographer?

elopement in Hardangerfjord,Elopement in Norway

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