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Bryllup på Bogstad gård , Oslo og vielse i Nittedal Kirke, Slattum

Victoria & Håkon

They were high school sweethearts first. Then broke up and found that spark again after many many years. Now with their firstborn on the hip, they are finally tying the knot. Their number one wish was to have a fun, memorable, and colorful wedding with their friends and family and I think it came out exactly that.

Getting ready at Hotel Bristol Oslo

Church Nittedal Kirke

Wedding Venue Bogstad gård

Muah Una from

Rings from

My day started with Victoria and her bridal party at Hotel Bristol in Prins Axel av Danmark Suite.

30 min drive to Nittedal Kirke where the whole family and a little bit nervous groom is waiting for us.

Qwik stop at grandpa's home who due to old age & health problems wasn't able to attend.

Finaley arriving at Bogstad gård

Bogstad gård has it all. Perfect surroundings with a huge lake, a park, evening sun, castle-looking buildings, and inside it looks like a barn. It's close to Oslo, but not too close where it's crowded with people from the street.

And I always try to catch each table so I know for sure everyone at the wedding hasn't been excluded from the gallery. This is also one of the logistically hardest tasks - to remember which table has or hasn't been shot, squeeze in between meals and speeches, and also have everyone who is supposed to be at the table - actually in the picture. People at weddings migrate all the time, so this takes patience, cooperation, and also a big smile on everyone's faces to execute.

Few picks just before everyone digs into their dishes. This is also the moment I get my first break of the day and probably stuff my face with well-deserved food. Bon Appétit

Uniquely my recommendation is to split up portraits and have one of them at that 20 min dinner break every wedding has. Yes, that gives me the opportunity to get some more evening shots, but every client gets tired from portraits so splitting it up makes it less tiresome. Also, you are not away from your guests for hours and hours. Bonus point - by now my couples have gotten used to being in front of a camera and feel much more comfortable. Totally recommend.

Back in we go

To be honest, at every single wedding when I'm done, I wish I could join the party. But here the music was extra inviting. These were amazing 10 hours. Thank you Victoria & Håkon ❤️

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