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I love the idea of having images printed. It's like books. The smell of the ink and the texture of the paper. You can touch it, you can smell it and you can see it. 

It brings the experience you were looking for.

The best of the best is a FRAMED CANVAS. It has superb image quality plus a beautiful frame of your choosing. The print is protected with an invisible layer to save it from sun rays and humidity. It looks like art and is meant to stand the test of time. If there are any other size your interested in, please let me know and I will give a price for it. Rember you have a 20 % discount on whatever you chose.

Other sizes available

90x120 - 23 100Kr

50x70 - 12 600 Kr

30x40 - 7500 Kr

Laminated PRINT in a frame of your choice. Comes with front glass and hucks on the other side. 

Other sizes available

100x140 - 23 800 kr

50x70 - 8 200 Kr

30x40 -  4 800 Kr

This is the most affordable choice - TOUCH. It's a beautifully printed image, mounted on 3 cm MDF. You can choose a custom edge. Also laminated to protect it from outside forces. Sizes and possibilities are many but here are a few of the sample prices. 

Other sizes available

51x110 - 10 400 Kr

50x70 - 6 200 Kr

30x40 - 2800 Kr


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