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First Look & why you might want one for your wedding.

Alright, let’s talk about the “first look” – you know, that private moment when you and your babe see each other all dolled up before the ceremony.

It’s a sweet and intimate moment that gives you a chance to soak up the excitement of the day together. People see first look as the less-romantic version of seeing each other, but In my experience, it’s the opposite. So grab some coffee and let’s deep dive into this topic!

1. The first look does not break the tradition.

Doing a first look before the ceremony doesn’t mean you can’t go back to a traditional ceremony where your father brings you down the aisle. Remember, you can bend & change your wedding as it fits you. You’re not obligated to keep things the way everyone else is doing it. Yes, everyone else has expectations from your wedding day, but only your two opinions count.

2. More time with your friends & family

If you do the first look about an hour before the ceremony, you can do some of the couple’s portraits beforehand and spend more time with your favorite people after the ceremony. 

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3. Bether for your nerves

Ceremonies are exciting but can feel intimidating with lots of expectations from everyone including yourselves. Ask your married friends what they would advise. My couples that have done the first look beforehand, are more relaxed & present at the ceremony. That also translates into pictures

4. More emotional

 No one is watching, no one is distracting. No expectations, and no more nervousness. Just you & your favorite human being your true selves. 

I was once a bride two, and I am the really emotional type. And even if I did see my husband before the wedding, The moment that door opened, I was a crying, red mess.

first look

“And even if I did see my husband before the wedding, The moment that door opened, I was a crying, red mess.”

Inese, yes the photographer

5. Seeing each other at the ceremony can be overrated

We all have seen those videos where the groom is emotional while the bride is coming down the aisle. While in my 8 years of doing weddings, I have seen the groom shed a tear maybe 3 times. It’s a lot of eyeballs & expectations put on one guy because of those videos. And if he’s reserved or nervous about not losing control over his emotions, he will hold back. I have seen the groom not look at their bride for the whole ceremony just to keep it together. You know yourselves best so go with that feeling.

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But like everything, the first look isn’t for anyone. If you’re the emotional, open type, that wants your friends & family with you every step of the day, you might skip the first look and let your emotions lose during the ceremony.

Now I want to hear from you. Will you have a first look at your wedding? Why yes, why not? Tell me in the comments.

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