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Top wedding venues in Oslo & Norway

Hey, soon-to-be newlyweds! If you’re planning to tie the knot in Oslo or exploring Norway’s beauty for your wedding day, get ready to dive into a treasure trove of stunning photography venues with the best spots for portraits. These locations are not just breathtaking – they’re the canvas for your love story.

Traditional Norwegian wedding venues

If you love the traditional wooden stave churches & log cabins, you will love these recommendations.

Overlooking Oslo proudly stands Frognerseteren. It’s a very charming & spacious wedding venue built back in 1891. Remember that it is a dark wedding venue, and I would strongly advise having as many candles and fairy lights as possible. The chef there is famous for his food. Here is a wedding I did there in 2019

Places like Harahorn are scarce in Norway. It’s a traditional Norwegian mountain lodge with phenomenal views, exceptional Norwegian cuisine, and a remote location. It consists of smaller and bigger sleeping cabins, an Event Hall, and a restaurant in the main house. It even has its own chapel. Keep in mind – the weather can be unpredictable. Here is a wedding I did there in 2019

With the second longest coastline in the world, Norway has an abundance of beach wedding venues. So it all comes down to the location and style.

A 15-minute drive from Stavanger, surrounded by white sand, stands Strandhuset Ølberg. The Wedding venue itself is modern & fresh, with beautiful art pieces. It’s also very versatile & can be transformed from an intimate room for 30 people to a hall to fit over 100 guests. You can have your ceremony right on the beach, and for portraits, there are endless options as well.

One boat ride from Oslo you will find a gem of a wedding location – Hellviktangen. Surrounded by Oslofjord, with a front-seat view of Oslo, this is the most beautiful wedding venue you can get.

Villa Malla is just an hour’s drive away from Oslo. Located on the Shore of Oslo Fjord, it has almost everything most couples are looking for – a white sand beach, palms, wooden decks, awesome food, and a lighthouse as a backdrop. They have nailed a tropical vibe. Here is a link to a wedding I did there in 2019

When Norwegians discovered silver, luxurious Villas started popping up all over Norway. Many of them have been turned into hotels & wedding venues, and here are a few of my favorites.

If you’re looking more for that aristocratic look, Refsnes Gods is for you. It was built in 1767 on the shores of Moss. It is filled with art, but my favorite thing is the closeness to the Oslo Fjord. There you can find hanging swings and cute places for portraits.

If you’re looking for a wedding venue in Oslo that is both classic and can seat over 100 people, You will love Villa Eckbo. After 2 weddings there, the most memorable “thing” is the coordinator on site. He easily gathered people, managed food and drinks, and made everyone feel comfortable. He’s the gem of that location. But regarding photography – this is another location where I strongly advise having as many candles and fairy lights as possible. The Interior is beautiful but dark and I as a photographer had to use flashlights to brighten the place up.

If you’re looking for a wedding venue in Olso with scenic views, a huge garden & historical buildings – Bogstad gård is perfect. Note weddings are usually organized in the Bankettsal with wooden beams. Here is a link to one of the weddings I did there in 2022

Norske Studenters Roklub, Bygdøy

Norske Studenters Roklub is bejond forfantastic location just outside Oslo. Its main hall has wall paintings, that give the space its historic look, and the chandeliers are so grand. It has more than enough space and with Oslofjord just outside, you can’t wish for anything better.

Nordre Skøyen Hovedgård is a very charming location, conveniently located close to Oslo City center. It also has more space for portraits than you can wish for & many choose to have the ceremony under the alley of trees. Here is a wedding I did there in 2022

Kjeller Gaard is a designer paradise. It is located on the outskirts of Lillestrøm and is a true historical gem with multiple rooms, high ceilings, and a beautiful interior. It is built on top of a hill and has green as far as an eye can see. Here is a wedding I did there in 2020

With such a long shoreline of course we have tons of lighthouses. And of course, some have been diverted into wedding venues. But imagine what a story it will be.

There isn’t a more unique wedding venue in Olso than Dyna Fyr – a lighthouse in the middle of Oslo Fjord. It’s a tiny location and would fit 20-30 people, but you can even have your ceremony there. Here is a wedding I did there in 2022

Stangholmen Fyr is a wedding venue on one of several islands belonging to Risør. This venue consists of 2 houses but the main one is the Lighthouse which is filled with historical artifacts. It had 3 small rooms, with low ceilings, and somehow it could fit nicely up to 50 guests. Here is a wedding I did there in 2019

This is an actual barn, and probably the biggest wedding venue I have ever seen. Located less than 1 hour’s drive from Oslo, this venue gives you a people-oriented experience. The barn can be made smaller by a curtain wall and it even has a stage if you’re planning to have a band. Gronsand Gjestagard has a beautiful garden where you can have your ceremony under Huge Oak trees or over the shoulder you can see a field with goats and

Syverstad gård is a cozy barn on the outskirts of Asker and only 15 min from Oslo. It is quite a dark wedding venue, and I would strongly advise having as many candles and fairy lights as possible. Yes, It feels small but can seat up to 100 people.

Losby Gods, Finstadjordet

Hoel Gård, Nes På Hedmark

Holmenkollen Park Hotel, Oslo

Britannia Hotel, Trondheim

Borsen festlokaler, Drammen

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Norway wedding venues,Oslo wedding venues

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