Engagement sesion

Congratulations - You're engaged!

Feel free to celebrate that you two have reached the no return point in your life where you are sure - you are meant to be together forever.

Why would you want an engagement photo session?


1. You will get great photos that you can use for "save the date" cards or to announce to others about this grand event on Fb and IG or your own website. Plus your parents and grandparents would love Christmas cards with your beautiful faces on them.

2. You will test MUAH (Makeup&Hair) for your actual wedding day. If you don't - I totally recommend you do as this will eliminate unwelcome surprises. I see this as a great opportunity for a photo shoot. Why waste perfectly good look?

3. Great results are based on a good relationship between the photographer and the client. In fact, we are all photogenic, just not all of us have had the opportunity to spend time in front of a good photographer. Believe me you, I fully understand – I also don’t enjoy being in front of the camera and in the spotlight. But I know how good work is being made and I wish you could see your self with my eyes

Would you like to have an engagement photo session?


If you read this far you must like my work. So what are you waiting for?

Email me! Say you wish to have an engagement shoot, and we can plan for it in the nearest future.

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