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Maternity session

As time flies by, the memories of walking around with this amazing little baby growing inside will fade. But the pictures will stay, documenting and celebrating your big, beautiful belly and how this little life has changed you for forever.

Why would you want a maternity photo session?

     The fact that pregnancy is a super special you will hear everywhere - blogs, movies, magazines. First of all - it only might happen once or twice in a lifetime, for many women. Secondly - this time will run buy very quickly and the chance to show off your belly will be for a couple of months only. And if your little one is due in winter, then you will be rocking your belly in several layers of clothes.

I remember very well why it was O SO important to me. I prayed for a baby for 5 years. And when my daughter, Signe, finally made herself known, I know that this is very likely to be my first and only opportunity to see myself pregnant. Although I have several photos taken with the phone, they really did not reflect how much I was waiting for my little one.

In the picture Me at 38 weeks

Photo by Rolands Šulcs

When is the best time for a maternity photo-shoot?

      The best time is when you are ready for it. And let's be honest, for every mother it's different. And that's ok. I would recommend planning it after your belly is more pronounced but before you start to notice swelling in your feet. 

How do I approach these photo sessions?

     First I listen to the new parents and their vision. Then I will ask - how do they spend free time? I also need to know about family dynamics, are there siblings, pets that would be present at the session?

     I will capture everything from well-staged Instagram pics to true emotions and lots of hugs. And when I work with a woman, I will try to catch her as this goddess as she truly is just might not know about it.

So find your photographer who will understand you because You and your little wonder deserve it. 

     I have a photo of my mom when she was pregnant with me, and every time I looked at it, I imagined how I was curled up in there, and the whole world for me vas just me and my mom.

Just Before the photo shoot

     Put all the props in one basket - little socks, bodies, word garlands, and satin ribbons. Choose a solid color clothing. Do not worry, you do not have to be matchy matchy. The main thing is that the outfits are clean, ironed and, at best, new. And if you can – please avoid white. Choose shoes in which you will feel comfortable for at least 2h - but no crocs, flip-flops, or sports shoes. Pay attention to the manicure - matching or neutral is best. 

     The day before pamper yourself. Make it a SPA day - drink freshly squeezed orange juice or ice teas, put on moisturizing masks and relax.