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Bryllup i Holmenkollen kapell og Frognerseteren | Henriette & Antonio | 20. jul 2019.

Henriette - Norwegian student & Antonio - Italian metalhead met in a pub in London ower a short Antonio was wearing. All it said is Norway. And bam - here they are a few years later getting married on top of Oslo - in Holmenkollen. I was with them for just 6 hours but let this be a great example of what is possible at that time. Scroll and enjoy 🖤

And officially the evening with food and speeches started. But before we sat down we did a few portraits of just the closest family. I bet they loved they did it.

And so my work was ower but just before I packed up all of my gear and left, I asked my dear Henriette and Antonio for the last images of the day and I am so glad they found the energy for does 5 min because I created my proudest image plus few darling ones.


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