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Bryllup i Mariakirken, Gran | Kristin & Anders | 17.08.2019

I always start my blogs by trying to describe with what this day stud out from the other weddings. So this wedding was the rainiest I ever been to. And my beautiful Kristin&Anders took it with open arms. They knew - this is theyr wedding day and no rain can ruin it.

Church - Mariakirken, Gran - Sister Churches

We started at Kristin's friend's house. When I arrived, girls already have slowly started to get ready. My bride is a singer and has performed from small churches to Opera itself. She was warming up and her voice filled the whole house with was warming up his voice withs phonetically interisting sounds.

When my bride was ready, I went to the groom's house just to cover a bit of his getting ready. Nothing much but just enaf to have a glimpse of his nervousness.

Alo I love the opportunity to say hi to him as well before the ceremony.

And Off I went to the ceremony. This is us arriving and wanting not to get wet. The dors at the Sister churches are narrow. So I took the side dors. Thank God there are side dors.

And off we went to a location just 500 m further at Steinhuset. Nothing much but just enaf to hide from the constant rain. You don't see it raining much in images but it's just me making it work while hiding under big trees.

And the official portraits where done - time to get warm, eat and party.

The rain stopped, the sun came out and we went out just for a minute to capture how amazing it was to be outside with some sun rays beaming ower Gran.

And after a few more speeches, Kristin performed for everyone and dedicated the song to her Anders. And that's where my time ended for the day.

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