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Bryllup i Oslo - Nordre Skøyen Hovedgård

Thale & Jørgen

They booked me for 6 hours and my day started with a quick stop at grooms. We were there maybe 15 min but in that time I took enough images for they wedding album.

Remember - in my blog posts I am showing only the highlights of a wedding. But the couple from this wedding received over 400 images from this day.

Venue - Nordre Skøyen Hovedgård

Brudekjole - Angelica gown fra Bo & Luca, kjøpt hos Anwe Bridal

Muah - Eli Favela (Marlou Stylingbar)

Suit Oscar Jacobsen from Follestad

Flowers -

Earings - from

Wedding rings - Gullsmed Aas

After 20 min drive, we are joining the bridal party. We have maybe 15 min before the ceremony, so we have to be quick. On the second floor, there was a big room with yellow-casting light bulbs & very little sunlight. But as a wedding photographer, you just have to go with the flow and work with what you get.

So if you do plan to get ready on location, see if there are other options. But I used the crap of that one window, and this is how it went.

And the ceremony begins. Just outside Nordre Skøyen Hovedgård is a marvelous ally of old linden trees. They gave the perfect shade and background for a hot summer wedding. It stretches out from the building to both sides and also was the perfect spot for an outdoor ceremony.

Nordre Skøyen Hovedgård has more space for portraits than you can wish for. And when it comes to portraits, I encourage every couple to be as playful and affectionate as they are comfortable. But one thing that helps is to have time where it's just you two and the photographer. I love to capture that chemistry you two share, and that mostly blossoms when you two have a minute to yourselves.

Portraits took us only 30 min this day and Thale & Jørgen joined their family & friends for outdoor activities.

And to be honest short 10-15 sessions multiple times during your wedding day are my favorite way of organizing the portraits. Let me tell you why -

1. You don't get tired from smiling at the camera for 2 hours. And if your not used to being photographed, it's smarter to take multiple turns.

2. You get images at different times of the day, in a different light, and every time you become more and more confident and comfortable with me. That's the key to awesome portraits.

3. You get to spend more time with family&friends. Yes, portraits are important, but I get that you just want to be surrounded by your loved ones as much as possible.

A new awesome trend is organized outdoor activities for the guests, which does really make the wedding more memorable without adding another huge expense. The gusts have something to occupy themselves with while the newlyweds are at portraits.

Every couple can choose when I start the day and end the day with them. For this particular 6-hour coverage, the last hour was spent capturing the most important speeches.

And my time was over. Lots of great tips to take from this wedding. But the best is that with grait planing, 6 hours can beutifuly tel your wedding story.

The End

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