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Bryllup på Norske Studenters Roklubb, Bygdøy og vielse i Uranienborg kirke, Oslo

Two weekends in a row I was in weddings at almost exact locations. Both at Uranienborg church and their party locations were only 100 m from each other. But let me start from the beginning of a wedding day.

My couple Fredrikke og Peder found me on Instagram over a year ago. They decided to get married when the first wave of pandemik finally was over. But they hoped they still would be able to plan their dream wedding in 2021. Luckily this summer they were able to have the big wedding they were hoping for.

She got ready at Studio Alf Grensen with her girlfriends. The place is very central and the staff and stylists there are very sweet and talented. To be honest, I am always judging vendors by how they treat others around the bride and the groom, and they were nothing but sweet. Thank you

Makeup @beauty_by_ine

Hair @helene_lindsjoe

Salon @studioalfgrensen

Dress @kristinsbrudesalong

Then I left my girls to go straight to the grooms in Majorstuen.

Off to Uranienborg kirke.

This church will make your wedding feel grand. The red brick, the tall colons, and the grand entrance is gonna make you feel like part of royalty. But if you are still planning your wedding, I would keep in mind, that it's quite dark, even on the sunniest of days.

Another big red flag is how the altar is separated from the church by a wooden carving wall. It's see-true, but it's quite distracting. As a photographer, I found it realy hard to be close to the couple without standing in front of the gusts. If I found it hard to see what's going on, the gusts are even more separated from the moment. But if you dont mind that, it's an amazing location, with super tall ceilings and a priest that will make you laugh a lot.

Just before we went to the Bygdøy, we stopped on the street just in front of the church, and kudos to the clients, as this was their idea entirely.

Then before we arrived at the Roklubben Selskapslokale, we went to have some images in this popular location in Bygdøy, just outside Oscarshall.

Norske Studenters Roklub is bejond forfantastic location for a wedding. Its main hall has wall paintings, that give the space its historic look, and the chandeliers are just like icing on a cake. It has more than enough space for wonderers and outdoor activities and is located just beside Oslofjord, so the evenings there are full of boat life and city lights. And to add - free parking on the street. It can be harder to find a free spot, but if you don't mind walking 100 m, it's just perfect.

And my 12 hour day was done.

The wedding was fun, classy, and timeless. The couple was so chill and super sweet. I was in love with Frederikkes dress, which brought out her gorgeous curves while being very classy. And I am so thankful they booked me for theyr wedding day. This is one of my top3 weddings folios as of today and I am so proud of the images I was able to create.

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