Forlovelse fotografering med Haakon&Hedda

Updated: Mar 28, 2019

This is a visual story of a photo shoot that I had not so long ago with 2 lawyers from Oslo - Haakon&Hedda. They said they associated themselves with nature, and love hiking. So we found this awesome trail in Bygdøy and had the best time. But the legacy that is left after - these Images will serve them long after our meeting. They will be on the Christmas cards, invitations, and stand proudly next to wedding images on the grand piano.

Forlovelse fotografering i Paradisbukta, Bygdøy
Forlovelse fotografering i Paradisbukta, Bygdøy

I encourage all couples to have an engagement shoot with their wedding photographers. In my experience, I find couples I worked with before are less shy, more them selfs from the get-go. More adventurous, and would go more often for crazy ideas. That means more fun and laughter for all parties involved and that is a win-win in my book.

I also do understand when planning a wedding, costs add up unexpectedly fast. That's why I made it simple for all engaged couples. If you like my style, and you think you can live with my personality (whohahaha), the photoshoot itself is free.