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How to choose the best photographer for you?

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

I know It can be very hard to choose your photographer. So let me help you simply by asking you these 5 short questions?

1. Do you like the style?

Every time you go to the photographers' sites - see if the work attracts you. Can you see your self in it? Do you find yourself endlessly going thru the site to see more?

2. Do you like the price?

This is where most either say - "why so cheap?" or "why so expensive?" - I have heard them both :) Keep in mind you are still working with a business, a small one, but still, a business that has to pay taxes and report to the government. If the prices are low, chances are this photographer is nearly floating or worse, not paying the taxes. And you have to chose what you support?! And, that will also affect the quality of the work and the level of service. It all adds up.

3. Is the photographer active?

Can you see any social media activities? Do you like the images? Even the unrelated ones? Why is this important? This shows that the photographer is regularly picking up the camera. It's like going to the gym. You want your trainer to be physically active. The same with your photographer.

4. Can you see your self working with this individual?

Is he/she likeable, easy to talk to, flexible to your needs?

5. Is the work ethics up to standards?

Is this a legit company? Does the photographer provide a contract? This is especially important in case of things going wrong. You need some kind of agreement to hold your photographer responsible for. Don't just brush it off.

This is a good base for choosing a good wedding photographer. If the company seems transparent - If you can trust this photographer, then there should not be any major issues. Good luck :)

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