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Makeover fotosession 40+ og fabelaktig

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

This is Inga. Mum to 3, married for over 20 years. And yes she is 40+ and fabulous. When I started experimenting with transformational photoshoots, she was one of my first "victim". I know she needed to be photographed. She has had some sessions here and there, but she has never experienced the full-blown makeover. I sent her one image the same day after the session and of course, she put it as her FB profile pic. The response of her friends was overwhelming. Even I didn't expected so much praise and compliments. And ow how it boosted her confidence. And if you know me, I love empowering women. So here are the results. We did her hair and put on classic everyday makeup and I made her into a CoverGirl.

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