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Don't take yourself to seriously - wedding story of Lena & Arvis

This is a story of how not to take things to seriously. Lena was my old coworker, so there was a good historie already there. She has always been a very bubbly person, newer regretting things. Being afraid of mistakes is not in her nature.

So when she got a proposal from her charming man, she called me and asked to be the photographer.

He sent the funniest meme to her. He was partying with his brother and this is how he felt in the morning after.

But when we started portraits, they couldn't keep their faces straight. He's the funniest groom I have worked with. And I loved it. (She loved it too).

The jokes were cracking left and write, nobody was able to keep their faces straight.

And she got married to a twin, an actual twin. The good looking one, as the groom told!

But you know its a match when they both couldn't care less of what is expected of a wedding. It was all about them and about how they don't care what the world expects of them.

Kissing and hugging and holding on to each other like they are one. They couldn't take their hands of off each other.

This is my all time favorite wedding image. The composition, emotions, editing. The tattoo on her leg. It all tells the story of how they are as individuals and as partners in crime.

I hope this will inspire you to make all the decisions based on your own wishes, not other people opinions or expectations. It's YOUR wedding.

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