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5 Tips for A Stress-Free Wedding Day

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

I have seen it all. From broken cars & calling the ambulance to weather where fireworks can't even be seen. Yes, some of it was preventable but some just needed change of mindset. So here are my 5 super essential tips that will definitely help you plan and prepare for your big day.​

Tip nr.1 - have room for unexpected

Expect your wedding day to have some glitches. As fun can one day filled with attractions be, you can get tired very fast. Imagine it like a day at an amusement park. You will have rollercoasters of emotions all day long. So keep a slower pace, don't rush things and leave room for just breading it all or having something unexpected.

Tip nr.2 - don't stress

Prepare yourself emotionally that a day like this can have unwelcomed surprises. And if they come, just don't stress. Hove people on site whom you trust, so if something happens, they can take care of it.

Tip nr.3 - don't try to do all on your own

I know, a wedding can get expensive and every hand from outside ads extra costs. But keep in mind my tip nr.2. and nr.1. You have to enjoy your day and not think whether the cake has been put in the fridge during your ceremony. Or try to remember to take gifts from your home. Give your family and friends tasks if needed, just to make your to-do list easier. If possible have a wedding planner.

Tip nr. 4 - write everything down

Have an easy to access planer or spreadsheet where you can put in writing all the things you want, need to do, need to buy, need to find, need to book. An all in one place organization will keep your mind clearer while planning for the wedding. Bonus tip - make a separate wedding email so all necessary conversations, information, and contacts are in one clear space.

Tip nr. 5 - enjoy your wedding day

It is crucial. It's about you two and celebrating your love for each other.

And yes wedding details are important. But people will for the most part remember the food, the drinks, the atmosphere and if you got mad. So work on your expectations, have help, keep a list, and enjoy the day.

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