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Bryllup i Korvald Søndre - Mjøndalen og vielse i Bragernes kirke - Drammen

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

Sondre & Henriette

Love story of 2 high school sweethearts that have been true things most can't imagine.

The best part about being new in Norway is having no clue who is who. I dont really know or follow any famous Norwegian people or Tv stars besides Julie&Camilla(if you know - you know). So I treat everyone the same. This time I learned about how "well-known" my groom was only after the wedding.

When Henriette reached out for the first time, she shared the story about how they met in high school, fell madly in love, and how she saved her now husband's life on the highway. But I learned that Sondre is a World Cup cross-country skier and unfortunately suffered from sudden cardiac arrest. This rocked their lives, but this also made them, even more, stronger as a couple.

Hair @vildeaasgaard_hair

Makeup @tkloungebeauty

Flowers @botanisk_hjem

Invitation @inwhiite

Dress Sadoni

Chorche in Drammen Bragernes Kirke

Venue in Mjondalen Korvald Søndre

Tent Lavvo utleie

Getting ready at Henriette's home in Korvald Søndre, Mjøndalen

Time to head for the boys

Bragernes Kirke Drammen

Stop for champagne and bridal party portraits close to their home in Drammen Sentrum

Macdonald's stop with a Bentley

Final stop - Korvald Søndre, Mjøndalen

And the clients had set up Tent from Lavvo utleie

Just before I go, I asked my clients for a sunset shoot. Anfortinetley sunset has already gone,

so we made our own with the brides' best friends and flashes. This was really fun and a great ending to a long day with a photographer.

Since I won't be at the party, I grabbed some great images of the after-party place at Korvald Søndre

The End

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