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Bryllup i Oslo (Dronningparken og Akershus Festning) og vielse i Dyna fyr

Josefine & Adam

When I say every wedding is unique, this is what I mean. We had 6 hours together, and my clients were more than delightful. They were 100% my kind of people. Not afraid to show affection, huge huggers, and have the biggest appreciation for their family&friends.

We started with a first look at the Palaces Gardens, which in the middle of the summer are extraordinary & offer endless photographic opportunities on every corner of the massive park that's over 22 hectares around The Royal Palace (Det Kongelige Slott).

Catering&venue - Dyna fyr

Bakery - Sverre Sætres Konditori

Make-up Artist - Bride's sister Celine Forsberg

Wedding dress By Malina

Suit designer and shop Oscar Jacobsen

Karl Johans gate leads straight out of the castle grounds into the busy city life. We were slowly heading closer to the harbor at Honnørbrygga but on the way, we met half of the family.

Thats where we where met by Dyna fyr's own bout. And I love wedding days on a boat.

There she is. Charming, bigger than it looks. You can't get anything more unique than this lighthouse from 1874. Perfect for smaller weddings with 20-40 people, with a spacious "backyard". Expect to be celebrated by all the boats going in and out of Oslo, which brings even more charm to the place.

Time to head back to shore.

Back on dry land, and since we are nearly 300 m from Akershus Fortress (Akershus Festning), we went for extra 30 min portraits.

And just like that my work day ended, and the afterparty started, to which, to my surprise, I was invited. And I never get invited, so I couldn't pass on the opportunity.

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