Bryllup på Villa Malla og vielse i Skoger nye kirke

If I would need to describe this wedding in one word, it would be - goofy. We had so much fun. Multiple people asked if I was a freand of the couple, which by the way is a very common question I get. But no, we have newer met outside them being my client and me theyr photographer.

Sasha & Anders are a total dream client. You might ask, what makes one a dream client? Dream clients trust in you, they also are very chill about how I create the images and are fine with me experimenting. Dream clients love to have fun, and for the most part, are up for shenanigans like jumping into the water, and being goofy and silly. Dream clients will want extra time for portraits, and dream clients will love how silly I can be with theyr family&freands, becose I am. I am so goofy and will do anything for a good laugh from the crowd, becose everyone looks better when they are having fun.

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