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Bryllup i Risør - Det Lille Hotel og Stangholmen fyr (Agder)

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

I stayed for 2 nights in this charming fishing village in Southern Norway - RISØR.

I woke up by seagulls screaming at the sunrise. Picked up my cup of coffee and headed to the town center where in Det Lille hotel my bride&groom to-be stayed the night.

Risor is famous for its white-painted wooden houses. And this hotel represented perfectly its history and charm. It's a cozy historical building, with unique apartments and suits.

The view from ceremony location Kastellet

Time for family portraits - I like to make this a very fun experience for everyone. And I am not a fan of very "perfect" images. So my main task is to capture people's personalities.

This time the bride requested an heirloom image of all 4 generations of the women. This is of most valuable thing I can give to a family.

While the tests were chatting and drinking champagne in the restaurant, I quickly took a few images of the Lighthouse. Every detail had a history behind it. Small little rooms with, low selling and wooden floors only added to romantic atmosfere. Somehow it still managed to seat about 50 guests.

It was time to head back to the mainland

My work ended here but I can't leave without the last images of my couple.

The End

Place - Risør, Agder

Hotel - Det Lille hotel

Ceremony at Kastellet

Shampane on MS Søgne

Diner at Stangholmen

Dances and party at Spisestedet buene

Band - Swing'it Dixieband

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