Bryllup i Risør - Det Lille Hotel og Stangholmen fyr (Agder)

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

From a perfect summer morning to cloudy and windy, to even a thunderstorm, and back to the sunny and perfect summer evening, we went. I start to address my weddings from a weather perspective, again. But how can you not? I feel there is like no perfect conditions - EVER. You just have to prepare for everything and hold to your horses because, in the end, the imperfect weather is what makes my wedding images soo magical. Do you feel like your family friend would be able to deliver when it's so demanding of a task? I don't think so. And my clients would definitely agree.

Place - Risør, Agder

Hotel - Det Lille hotel

Ceremony at Kastellet

Shampane on MS Søgne

Diner at Stangholmen

Dances and party at Spisestedet buene

My couple was getting ready in Det Lille hotel in Risør. The awesomeness of having the bride and the groom at the same location is that I can easily jump back and forth from one to another.

And back to brides we go

And off everyone runs, including me to the ceremony location - Kastellet.

This was the view 🖤

On a study ground at least. The weather did not spare us. The wind picked up and we got rain on us. But no spirits where broken. Everyone was ready to have a good time.

While we waited for the food, it was time for some family formals. There was nothing much formal about these images, but it was family and that was all that mattered.

Time for the food. And what a delicious food it was - Stangholmen

And we said goodbye to the fjords to prep for the evening. I had time to prep for the dances. But we had regatta season and there was no driving in these streets. I with all my gear was just walking to get from one location to another. But its all good as I had just one hour left in these beautiful streets.

The End

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